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Short Films Competition 2024


16 finalists

We announce the 16 short films, selected from the 519 submitted to our call, which will be screened at the main events of the Festival in September in Agrinio and will be nominated for the 2 prizes that will be awarded.

Η πολυθρόνα στο πεζοδρόμιο

The Armchair on the Pavement

Director/Writer: Mary Kolonia

Country of Origin: Greece

Duration: 14:53

An old song from the radio, suddenly triggers memories of youth to an elderly ex-army General suffering from dementia, making him momentarily recall the evening of his engagement to his wife. After a telephone from his old-time friend, a grocer, telling him that his favorite grape variety has finally arrived, a growing urge to reclaim his old freedom and independence make him secretly escape against the doctor’s warning. An unexpected incident seriously reverses the couple’s fragile daily routine, while unpredictably rekindles the spark of their life long flame. Can you ever forget love?

Why Won't You Dance?

Director/Writer: Penelope Mavropsaridi

Country of Origin: Greece

Duration: 15:00

Anna wants to find someone to talk to at the party. She wants to, but not really. Vasilis for sure doesn’t want to talk to Anna at the party. Their reluctant meeting will bring forth memories for Anna that she would much rather ignore.

Why Wont You Dance

Big Small War

Director/Writer: Myroslav Latyk

Country of Origin: Ukraine

Duration: 19:24

Galya does not give a shit about the Great War of Russia against Ukraine. The war is a thousand kilometers away from her village, lost in the middle of the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains. A small village, a tiny church, microscopic people with their huge problems. Galya knows about Orisya, who is constantly beaten by her husband. Galya knows about Lydka, from whom the man fled to France. But when Galya finds out that her son-in-law is cheating on her daughter, it’s a real disaster.


Director: Thanasis Protatos

Writer: Sotiria Ioannidou

Country of Origin: Greece

Duration: 19:13

A woman finds herself trapped at a friends reunion. To avoid boredom, she escapes the gathering. As she slowly sinks into the silent urban landscape, a series of events will start to unfold. Anastasia never pays any serious attention to these ever so slight changes around her, until the moment she discovers she is not alone… At the same time, in a recording studio, a director and a sound technician make final tweaks on a movie score. When left by themselves, late past midnight, they have an honest discussion. Their words reveal that demons exist not only in the imaginary world of a movie but also in the real one…


Fiori (Flowers)

Director/Writer: Kristian Xipolias

Country of Origin: Italy

Duration: 14:58

What would Antonio Ricci, the protagonist of “Bicycle Thieves”, do if he lived in Italy in 2021? Perhaps he would be like Manfredi, a forty-year-old man, unemployed and with no expectations, whose only chance is to become a rider. But to become a rider he needs a bicycle


Director/Writer: Meri Dishinica 

Country of Origin: Italy

Duration: 15:31

A forty-year-old woman named SOL, floats in a long-distance relationship bubble. She starts the day waiting for the wake-up call to accurately perform her morning ritual, which seems to be a video call with her longtime boyfriend FRED. He is so far away that the sunrise at Sol’s window marks the sunset at his’. They both look weary and on the verge of frustration as they wait to see each other for Christmas— so the story goes, for some bizarre reason, for the two of them to meet requires the crack of Fred’s bubble, which never occurs.



Director: Ana Baer, Rocio Luna

Country of Origin: Mexico

Duration: 6:35

El lago de Cuitzeo -Cuitzeo’s lake, (Mexico’s second largest), is in danger of extinction. Urban development, change of land use, fires and negligence are provoking its imminent drought.


Director/Writer: Nikita Ratnikov

Country of Origin: Ukraine

Duration: 8:10

A toy orca from a childhood appears in our heroes’ life. Now it looks like a big actual mammal which has a defined mission: lead the heroine from her everyday life to an adventure she was waiting for.


King's Garden

Director/Writer: Iraj Mohammadi Razini

Country of Origin: Iran

Duration: 07:08

Για να κερδίσει την καρδιά της αγαπημένης του, ένας εραστής πηγαίνει στον απαγορευμένο κήπο του βασιλιά για να μαζέψει λουλούδια…

On the Hill

Director: George Stagakis

Writer: Damianos Chrysochoidis

Country of Origin: Greece

Duration: 17:12

Transcriptionist, the operator of Epaminondas’ brain, records moments from Epaminondas’ life on post-it notes. Giannis, Epaminondas’ best friend, urges him to go on a hike in order for Epaminondas to forget his recent break-up. Time passes, Epaminondas becomes a father and years later he is staying in a nursing home while having dementia. Transcriptionist’s room is, now, in danger.

on the hill


Director/Writer: Mohammad Javad Haghani Fard 

Country of Origin: Iran

Duration: 14:40

Its about an old man who wants to fix his old radio which is his most important motivation for life

Gerard Lucas

Director: Hani Gimna

Assistant director: Mikkel Haynes Dahlberg Hansen

Country of Origin: Germany

Duration: 14:58

In this experimental performance film, Hani Gimna intersect how a historical neurodivergent figure named Gérard Lucas experiences and handles language with the process of an Artificial Intelligence(AI) image generator creating images. Both practices have in common that the mediating role of the mediums takes priority over the meaning. She looks at performance through the lens of Gérard and AI, that is mediated by the act of filming with choreographed camera movements.


Islam: We walk with you

Director: Kazuya Isobe

Country of Origin: Japan

Duration: 14:53

In a village in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan, there is a family of four living peacefully. They have a precious son named Islam. He was born with cerebral palsy and cannot walk by himself. Because of the remote location, the village is unable to provide rehabilitation for him. Milk tea poured into the empty cup, his mother staring at the clinic, his father and brother fixing the car. All lead to one hope.

Baby Ant

Director/Writer: Derya Uygurlar

Country of Origin: Turkey

Duration: 15:00

Tomorrow is an important day, Ayser will pay a visit to her husband in prison. But before then, she has to finish suing clothes to pay the lawyer, settle a dispute with her sister Emine and convince her daughter Deniz that children are not allowed in prison.


Fire extinguisher

Director/Writer: Rodrigo Sopena,  Joana Solnado

Country of Origin: Spain

Duration: 05:00

Milagros is obliged to install a fire extinguisher in her chapel. But first she will have to ask someone’s permission…

The Gift

Director/Writer: Dumitru Grosei

Country of Origin: Romania

Duration: 17:35

A kid gets a pair of binoculars as a Christmas gift, but what he wants more is to go hunting with his father

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