photopolis 2022

Festival opening: Saturday, September 10 at 21:00

Duration: 10 – 25 September 2022

Opening hours: 19:00-22:00

"Chambres de voyageurs"
Photo exhibition
Spyros Staveris

Different landscapes of the Greek society during the last decades are embossed in the portraits of Spyros Staveris. The protagonists of Staveris' photographs carry their personality and era and crystallize life models, aesthetic trends, collective fantasies, ambitions and frustrations.

10 – 25/9/2022

"The estuaries of Acheloos river"
Photo exhibition

The Acheloos river originates from the Pindos mountain range and after a route of 220 km it flows into the Ionian Sea, having formed the Echinades islands from the alluvial deposits of the Acheloos river. The river basin covers a huge area of 5,572 square kilometers and this is the area 15 members of the photography group "Art8" depict in their photos.

10 – 25/9/2022

photopolis aliagas

Photo Exhibition
Nikos Aliagas

The French - Greek photographer captures the passage of time in faces and landscapes. The black and white photographs with the perceptible playfulness of light and shadows invite the viewer to be drawn to the mystery called "time"

10 – 25/9/2022

Photo Exhibition
Aimilia Balaska

A traumatic experience, the loss of a mother, becomes the narrative context of the series. The original idea was to explore the idea of the home, so I started looking carefully at the photos in my family album. This energy of reminiscing into the past sparked memories and brought to the surface unresolved emotions.

10 – 25/9/2022

sara nikomedi 5 copy

"Extinction - isn’t a good title -"
Έκθεση φωτογραφίας
Sara Nicomedi

Through the use of representative images, self-portraits, documentary photos, archives, and collages, I analyze the relationship that exists between the past and the present, our actions today, and their possible impact on future generations

10 – 25/9/2022

01. Aaron

"Staging the real"
Photo Exhibition

The 15 photographs selected from the respective competition held from February 1 to March 31, 2022.
AWARDS 1st place:Aaron Yeandle, Guernsey
2nd place: Nurlan Tahirli, Azerbaijan
3rd pace: Meni Seiridou, GR

The awarding will take place on the opening day.

10 – 25/9/2022

001 viet van tran

"My mum"
Photo Exhibition
Viet Van Tran (Vietnam)

To me, my mum, 88 years old, is a mirror of her will to rise up in the life and overcome disease. I want to record some moments forever, not only in my mind and heart, but also in a tangible shape. I also chose objects that represent both her life now and objects and images drawn from the past.

10 – 25/9/2022 Savvas Kois

"The girls of the lake"
Photo Exhibition
Savvas Kois (Gr)

The project is about domestic violence and specifically the rape of a girl by a father, a violent act not only for her but also for the two sacred concepts, the woman and the family and is based on a local myth about the creation of Lake Kournas in Crete.

10 – 25/9/2022 Alain Schroeder

"Muay Thai Kids"
Photo Exhibition
Alain Schroeder (Belgium)

Far from Thailand’s iconic tourist destinations, Isan, the kingdom’s largest region, reaches north and east to the borders of Laos and Cambodia. Poverty forces many residents to seek work in Bangkok, but fearing the temptations of city life (drugs, gangs, sex trade…), children are often left behind under the care of grandparents.

10 – 25/9/2022 

photopolis nempe

"Agri-Cultural Pylons"
Photo exhibition
Vassilis Nebegleriotis (Gr)

The Thessalic flatland stays a key pylon of the primary sector of Greece, through the cultivation of cereals. It is the second largest granary in the country and historically the image of the Thessalic landscape has been identified with that of the flatland. Although the last covers only 36% of the area of Thessaly, it is the one that gives identity and life to the urban countryside of the area.

10 – 25/9/2022 


"Planet C - Reconstruction"
Photo Exhibition
Catherine Chatzidimitriou (Gr)

"Planet C began to form in early 2020. It is an imaginary environment which offers a different way of seeing reality. On Planet C some of my favorite, personal objects begun to lose their usefulness and they were turned into totems and eventually into surreal photographic compositions that were created to symbolize the meaning of confinement, social isolation and the fear of losing life. These emotions firstly reaped through the collective experience of the pandemic and they still destabilize us until today. ".

10 – 25/9/2022 streetmax21 copy

Photo Exhibition
Streetmax21 (UK)

As a street photographer, I take an observational view of how our present circumstances govern our behaviour individually and in crowds. Progressively, we appear to interact with each other only on a synthetic basis. We attempt to mass connect with the aid of modern technology, but in so doing pay less attention to individual connection.

10 – 25/9/2022

Renee Revah

"Renee Revah’s photographs push our gaze into deeper waters, to the bottom of the ocean where shipwrecks normally lie. The bodies look trapped in a cloudy green light, sinking rigidly, floating in a fetal position. The intensity of their movements is followed by resignation, moving away and then others taking their place, approaching whilst staring at us

10 – 25/9/2022

moyzakiti 1

Portfolio reviews
Eleni Mouzakiti

The Photo Festival of Agrinio in the context of the main events organizes portfolio reviews with Eleni Mouzakiti. You should register on time - only 8 appointments will be made in strict order of priority.

 11 & 12/9/2022

movie days 1

Two days of cinema
Short films

The Photographic Festival of Agrinio “Photopolis” is about to begin the screening of selected short films. Directors and project crew members from Etoloakarnania will have their honorary standing. A total of 10 films will be screened on September 22nd and 23rd, 2022, at the municipal cinema Ellinis, one of the best summer cinemas in Greece.

22 & 23/9/2022


Σπύρος Στάβερης

Photo Workshop by Spyros Staveris

11/9/2022, 20:00

renee revah portrait copy

Renee Revah

Photographic workshop by Renee Revah

 17/9/2022, 20:00


"Photosphere 5"

View of the 5 Photosphere festival photos



Music Event

At the opening they will play music:
Katy Athanasopoulou (Piano)
Popi Argyropoulou (Flute)
Efi Pyrpili (Cello)

10/9/2022, 20:30

grentzelou photoplis 1 2

Music event
Eugenia Grenzelou

Evgenia Grenzelou studied classical guitar and advanced theory and teaches at the Music School of Agrinio. From a very young age, she sings in events and choirs throughout the Greek territory. She has participated in CDs of Vassilis Papadogiorgos, Dimitris Papapostolou, Andreas Charalambous and Panos Mamasoulas..

16/9/2022,  21:00

10 xronia art8 small

"10 Years art8"
Dj Party

Dj: George Katsipanos

18/9/2022,  21:00

P1170552 Edit

Music event

Maria Tsolka on piano and Mary Lavranou on flute, Melina Karagianni, Martha Sysoviti will offer us wonderful melodies.

24/9/2022, 21:00

myheart-ΧΖωγραφίζοντας τη στιγμή του χρόνου

"Painting the moment of time"
Open discussion

This discussion will focus on the paintings of the students of the "MyHeart" workshop, who will create works inspired by a photo from the Festival. The discussion will be attended by: Giannis Giaprakis, Coordinator Thanasis Valaoras, Visual Artist Christina Blachoura, Artist, Owner of the MyHeart workshop

25/9/2022,  20:00

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