Program Screening of sort films 2023

We announce the 22 short films, which were selected from those submitted to our Open Call, and will be screened at the Festival’s events.
The screening will take place at the municipal cinema “ANESIS” in Agrinio. 
Date screening: 30 & 31 October 2023.


Monday October 30, 2023


Mayonnaise (GR)

Director: Asterios Gousios

Writer: Vangelis Mageiros


A young thief attempts to break into an apartment. To his surprise, he is faced with an old man close to death. The old man, instead of offering any resistance, asks him to make for each of them a sandwich with mayonnaise, and for them to sit and talk.
Two lives meet and the conversation between them will define both of their stories.

In this world of others (GR)

Director/writer: Pavlos Mavrikidis 

A random meeting of two people in the city, through this route, they will recognize, an almost utopian feeling and a force so that they can continue to exist in this city,

in this world
03 evros

Evros (GR)

Director: Kiriakos Anastasiou 

Writer: Vasilis Anastasiou

An unknown woman wanders for years on the shores of Evros-river collecting memories, cold-cut fingers, cold-cut clothes and cold-cut dreams .

Sexual Distancing (GR)

Director/writer: Dimitris Asproloupos

Two guys, one deadly virus, a city in quarantine and a lot of sexual desperation

07 Sexual Distancing copy

Break the silence (GR)

Director/writer: Vaggelis Kalaitzis 

Spyros dates deaf Eftihia while Maria is trapped in a violence wedding with Tasos. Their lives will change when one morning Spyros is running late to work.

Nostos (GR)

Director/writer: Pavlos Vissariou

“Nostos” captures the agony and the conditions under which a group of refugees leave their homeland, trying in every way to cross the international borders, seeking security. A journey of “life and death” for those who have lost everything, one that compels them to face a reality they didn’t choose.

11 nostos

Forever Yours (Egypt)

Director/writer: Martin Elia Hermena 

In a world full of technology manners to communicate with each others, D&A, hopeless lovers, have only the sea to send their letters through. Between two countries they have the same fears, that their letters will never arrives ,so they send another letter to express their fears.

The ball is mine (GR)

Director: Pablo Soto 

Director: Roxanne Kung

Two friends in a few hours will break into a strange kid’s house to get back the ball that belongs to them.

15 The ball is mine

Toy (GR)

Director/writer: Natasha Smyrnaiou

New Years Eve. Nikos is looking for a New Year’s gift for his godchild in a toy store with a strange salesman. During his stay there, she evoked memories of her own childhood. He finally gets a toy, but not what he thinks

Τwo angels (Russia)

Director/writer:Ramazi Baranov

Something exciting is about to happen in a sculpture’s studio  during the mild routine of the deaf caretaker. 
The film shows an important historical artifact “Empty Hands Angel”, which is one of the main custodians of St. Petersburg.

2 angels copy

Tuesday 31 October, 2023

19 The Wanting

The Wanting (UK)

Director/writer: Alexandros Mattei

Adam goes to his estranged father’s wake, avoiding his own estranged daughter’s birthday. There, he meets his step-family for the first time and, getting a different vibe than expected, he wonders whether the old bastard has any more lessons for him.

The eye of the bread (Iran)

khaled Farajzadeh – Osman Mohammad Abdolla

The subject of the film is about two major problems in Kurdistan.The problem of
Colubris in Iranian Kurdistan and the chemical bombing of the city of Halabja in
Iraqi Kurdistan.The story is told in the language of an Iranian Kurdish girl .

02 film khaled farajzadeh
04 homemade cookies

Homemade Cookies (GR)

Director: Nikolaos Kakonas 

Writer: Calliopi Villy Kotoula 

A little girl tries to live her daily life with quarantine as her companion. Her innocence shields her family from covid 19.

Indigenius Loci (GR)

Director/writer: Vicky Markolefa

The film INDIGENIUS LOCI explores the interface of man and nature. Vasilis Fourkiotis, deep ecologist, shepherd and sociologist strides across his ancestral lands immersed in spiritual reflections of a postmodern world.

06 Indigenius Loci
088 The Boar

The Boar (GR)

Director/writer: Konstantinos Tsiodoulos

Fotis returns to a deserted village in the Northern Greece mountains for his deceased father’s will announcement. He collides with the villagers, local environment and his own routes till he finds out that he is closer to his father than he ever thought he was.

12 Tierra Imaginada

Tierra Imaginada: de este lado (Brazil)

Director/writer: Felipe Marcel 

En una búsqueda constante de ordenamiento, se encuentra en un espacio ininterrumpido, aunque susceptible de penetraciones, el juego por la reivindicación de la identidad humana. En este cuerpo de investigación existencial la conocemos. En medio de la estabilidad, del entendimiento, regresan las olas del entierro, que devuelven descubrimientos a las profundidades. Sin embargo, nuevas olas siempre regresan con nuevos significados a estas tierras.
Una estructura formal cuyos significantes significan la articulación estructural de sí mismos y cuyo resultado final es la permanente capacidad de perplejidad ante el mundo.

14 Porfyri Lemonia

Porfyri Lemonia (GR)

Director: Dimitris Andjus

Director: Calliopi Villy Kotoula

Lemonia wants to escape , from a traumatic, force of violence against her, that violates her right to life, as well as the right to enjoy life without discrimination. And she demands an end to a situation that tests and undermines democracy and culture.

Endless Shades (Colombia)

Director/writer:  René Rodlauer

ENDLESS SHADES is a short film that is focusing on embracing our own uniqueness and imperfections. The narrative follows our mid-20 year old female protagonist and artistically audio-visualizes mental health issues that we are all continuously surrounded by


Athame (GR)

Director/writer: Dimitrios Karas

Anna suffers from severe memory loss due to complications of her pregnancy. Her sister, Eva, has moved into Anna’s apartment to look after her. Tensions rise between them as Anna grows weary of her condition and develops behaviors that may put her baby at risk.

Kernel in the pit (GR)

Director/writer: George Chrysanthakopoulos

Hatzis is a drunk who attends the same bar every night. When a mysterious stranger walks in, Hatzis strikes up a conversation with him, revealing his dark secrets and evil actions

Kernel in the pit
Marika why be afraid copy

Marika… why be afraid? (GR)

Director/writer: Matthaios Frantzeskakis

On the fifth day of the Battle of Crete, Saturday 24 of May 1941, three Germans pass by the village of Kakopetros in the Municipality of Platanias, Chania, and approach the home of Antonis Loufardakis, located next to a creek below the central street.
Without any reason at all, they enter their home and kill with automatic weapons five women and a two-year old child.
Five-year old Maria witnessed everything, while remained hidden under the bed. Maria shares with us her story and remembers her father saying: Marika… why be afraid?!.


Elefsis (GR)

Director/writer: Takis George Bardakos

A collection of still shots, of the inhabitants of the port of Eleusis.
People have reach their destination in front of the Sea of Eleusis scenary, against the horizon lines, resembling a kind of purification process. Time stops here and it is becoming of abstract meaning: There is no “past”, no “future”, just “eternal present”.

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